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Monday, February 28, 2011

Light over the stairs...

This is my light over my stair case... It was here when I purchased my home...
The couple whom had the home before us had changed a few lights except this one...
I am sad to say that they changed out most of the other lights in the house... So I will have to keep my eyes out for some lights! You can see the swirl designs on the walls.... It is not wallpaper but I think drywall mud that they added with a trowel and then the first owners made circle design with it...

I have my art work hanging on the walls on either side of my stair case.... Since most are portrait fantasy , its like having unusual family portraits going down the stair case....

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Furniture Finds...

This little chair my daughter fell in love with .
It has four legs and it swivels and rocks. Really comfortable too!
Has no tears or stains!
I took the photo and didn't realize I took it at an angle and you can only see one leg!

End table, It is large! In really nice condition.

This is another my daughter spoted before me! At 10 years old she is already a bargain hunter , retro shopper!!

But wait! It was a cash and cary sale.... so they could not put it on a hold for when my hubby got off work! I took a taxi to get there! Well the store phoned a guy for me that does deliveries. He charged us $10 plus gave us a ride home! What a very kind person... Thank you! It would have cost me more to take the taxi home plus we would have had to left our stuff behind.

Today is the day!

Well this morning, I am up bright and early! I am going to put one last coat of paint on my daughter's new bedroom. She asked us to let her have one of the bedrooms down stairs since her older brother is down there she wants to be there too.... So I have been fixing up that room and painting.

Then Today is the day that I am going to go a hunting for some treasures. The Salvation Army is having a furniture, house hold sale today! I hope I can find some wonderful deals and some fun treasures...
Wish me luck!

Friday, February 25, 2011


This little sweety was given to me by my mother inlaw.

These are the ceramic pieces I just finished making.

Bee baby and hive....

Kitty Ring holder - I make these in all sorts of designs and colors...

Flutter baby green

Flutter baby purple I have to put the Antonie on them...

This is my snow baby....

This lovely Lady's i glazed

Found some couches what should i do?

They have these couches for sale..... I am tempted to purchase ...but I was hoping to save up for a cabinet with glass sliding door..... mmmmmmmm.....

The coffee table comes with the first couch but the second couch goes into a bed..... The second couch is a little cheaper and I could still maybe buy the cabinet....

Should I hold off and keep looking for another style of couch or ??? Any comments?? Would this suit the style I am going for? I would like a sectional style for my living room but for my basement rumpus room...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Grandmother

I am dedicating my blog in loving memory of my Grandmother Norma.
She was so very gentle, soft spoken and kind to everyone. Even strangers......
She is a sweet heart. Born September 14, 1927.


Here are some of my antique furniture and retro furniture.
This is my 100 year old china cupboard... The two china cupboards where passed down in our family and will be my daughter's some day.

Yes , I know the stuff on top needs to be de-cluttered, plus some of the items on top just does not suit the furniture or home.....

My other china cupboard.

I have two of these hutches.... They are not identical, the other one is bigger and has a different design.
 I will post the other one soon.

My one table I paid $25 dollars for!!! The chairs my mom and dad gave me...
I plan on refinishing them. I will post photos of the other table soon.

This is my husbands dresser he gave me , the top drawer is not a drawer, it flips up and down for writing....
I have art supplies in this dresser.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Frosted Glass!

I am so excited! I found frosted glass!! I love frosted glass...
Yes, it is blue, with gold atomic stars!!!!

I purchased it for 50 cents..... !!!!!!

Sher-er-rry, Sherry baby

Sher-er-rry, Sherry baby
Sher-er-rry, Sherry baby

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(Come out) We'll dance the night away
I'm gonna make-a you mi-yi-yi-ine

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Sherry, Sherry baby

Sherry, Sherry baby

The Roseland - Mid Century Modern Cottage

This Our home, we purchased our home 12 years ago, busy with our children we have done a few renovations but not too much. I realized that some of the changes we made we redid over because we just where not happy with the results....

Maybe it was because we just where not happy with the results, maybe some things just didn't suit the house....

I started research on our home and discovered that it is a Aladdin Kit home - The Roseland, Mid Century Modern Cottage.

Described in Mid Century Home Style's article as :
The Roseland is an itty-bitty thing and we doubt there are many left. It's small size and modest character will most likely have been "improved" to death with expansions to increase its footprint. Its plan has much in common with the Classic Cottage or one-story Foursquare type of home. The modern touches, such as the placement of the windows at the corners, scalloped fascia at the eave, and pyramidal roof clearly mark it as a minimal traditional design.

One of our favorite improvements was a paint job! I am sure at one time the yellow was very pretty but It faded so much that it was not a nice shade of yellow and the trim was painted all a brick red trim!...

But as you can see we have beautiful corner windows, the ones on the right side of the house are original, but unfortunately the windows did not open, and if they had a place to open no one could fit through encase of fire! So we have gradually replaced some of them. We put new shingles on the pyramidal roof. Our floor plan is just like plan A but our floor plan is flipped and we don't have the hallway closet instead we have a built in with drawers and cabinet. The smaller bedroom door and door way is at an angle, very unique and makes it easy to add furniture to the room. The basement was built after the house was built and they stayed true to the floor plan B having the stairs go down from the kitchen a few stairs, then you have a landing to the back door, turn and go down more stairs to the basement. We have two bedrooms downstairs, one of the bedrooms has a beautiful built in desk with book shelves, a laundry room, L shaped rumpus room, cedar closet and an area for storage.

Painting the house blue/grey...

Now I only need some wonderful ideas for trim color and door color that would go with the blue we painted the exterior.

Oh and since the photo the ugly fence in the front was removed too!

Photos taken today!

Now that you have seen it, I would love some ideas on paint color for doors , Mid Century Modern light fixtures, etc!

I will post little interesting tidbits about the house! My neighbor is in her 90's and she has wonderful stories to tell about our home and our neighbors!