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Our Home

Some of my photos where no longer coming up, so I deleted them and will have them back up soon. I have also painted my kitchen and made some changes..... I will have them posted soon....sorry.
Sherry Baby.....

Our house was built in 1949.... It is a beautiful 924 Square Foot Bungalow......
It has seen three family's. The first couple built are home. Unfortunately the couple before us made some changes, and removed some of the original flooring, counters, tiles, and fixtures..... We hope to restore it. I have lots of storeys and photos to share of our home, so I will surprise you once and a while with old and new updates and fun facts!  My neighbor lived next door when our home was built so she has seen it all!

She told me one interesting story that I have to tell you about the couple whom built are home.
The lady of the house I guess had interesting taste in underclothing. I man and his son was walking by my neighbors house one day and she had eavesdroped on there converstation. The father asked his son where he would like to go next on there walk. The son said lets keep going down this block so I can see the lady who wears no underware!!! haha!! I guess that week the couple whom built our home where cleaning out the eavestrouphs and I guess the lady of the house was up on the ladder helping her husband just as the son and little boy where walking buy... What comes out the mouth of babes!

Our House

Our floor plan is like the left side but flipped and a few changes.
 For example the second bedroom door is at an angle. Makes it easier to get beds and such in! Not to mention looks cool too.

Living Room


This is a photo taken before we moved the wood paneling, and moved the stove.

Light over the basement stairs.

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