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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blue... Blue... Blue... Fruits!!!

I just love this bowl... I hope to find more of it someday!
I was so excited to find this blue fruits bowl! I have not seen this pattern. I often don't see blue. I often see navy blue or brown!


  1. Thats really sweet, is it pyrex? dee x

  2. Hi Dee! I think it is Federal Glass Company, it has oven ware on the bottom with a sheild with a F in the middle. I also have two white bowls that I was given to by my Mother in Law . They have the same markings.

  3. Nice to see a Canadian mid-century modern blog (I'm in Alberta)! I have a MCM 1964 motorhome with her own website as well: http://www.myrtleandme.blogspot.com/

  4. Thank you! It is so very nice to see another Canadian mid-Century modern blog! (I'm in Saskatchewan)! I started this blog so I could meet others whom shared my love for mid-century. I adore your motorhome! Fantastic job you have done...