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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Special Sewing Pin Pal!

I love to sew. My husband for a wedding gift gave me a sewing machine.....Perfect wedding gift!
My mother in law gave me some of her sewing treasures a few years later. She passed away in 2004 and this was very sad time for our family. She was a wonderful lady, mother, grandmother and friend. My mother in law did not like to sew but I use to make lots of dresses for her. I miss that. Yesterday I stayed up really late working on a dance costume for my daughter. The sleeves are very gathered and I had to use allot of pins! Well I thought last night that I should share one of my treasures that my mother in law had gifted me! It is a wonderful treasure and sure has helped me over the years. Its the Pin Pal! I still have the original box and instructions inside the box. But its simple you just take off the lid , add the pins, put the lid back on, and then push on the top of the lid down and a pin pops up out of the whole! Much like the tooth pick holders. I just love my Pin Pal.


  1. What a wonderful gift from your mother in law. Such a clever little device!


  2. Mom, I love that pin thing can I have it someday? Can I try on the top now? Can I wear it tonight when I practice at the studio to show my dance teacher??? Hugs

  3. What a great gift i have never seen or heard of one of these before it looks fab and sooo useful. Bless you daughter i was smiling reading and feeling her excitment on her comment on your blog ;-)) dee x

  4. Thank you! I just use it and never realy think about how interesting it is... then I was staring at it thinking , I wonder what other people use for sewing? Does anyone have any neet gadgets they would like to talk about and share?
    My little darling , I will be finished it soon! :o)

  5. I cannot believe you are showing this! My sister in Virginia, just showed me a picture of one that she bought for me :) And I have never seen one before, very sweet. Oh I just love seeing it here with you too!