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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Music, Time, Box and Tray....

Today I am just posting somethings I have in the house but thought I should share. 
This is my radio in my kitchen... It works wonderful and sounds so clear. Its Admiral Tube Radio... Its a little treasure to me..

This is a box full of time pieces... I liked the box because of the lady's painting inside of it. I am an artist and love to paint portraits. So this seemed to be the box for me. I bid on it in an auction and one the bid.

Here is a dinner tray I found at a Sally Anne. I just like the wood grain and the utensils.
The whole family enjoys using this tray!


  1. O WOW i adore that radio valve radios are simply the best i have 2 in my home and the quality of sound is beautiful for something so old and stylish. I love the lady drawing in the suitcase what a special find i wonder if it was the lady that owned the suitcase....love the trya to very retro ;-)) Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  2. Thank you Delia, I have this little one and a tall radio. I think the tall radio needs some work, it has been in the family awhile.
    You have a lovely weekend too! We are starting to get some warmer weather! Yaaaaa!

  3. I have just discoverd your blog ,it's great ,love your radio!! My father had an old 1940's radio ,I'm wanting to ask my mother if I can have it here in my home!!

  4. Nice finds! Here is a blog featuring our house and MCM finds: http://the10centdesigner.com/blog/2011/03/28/where-my-friends-live-capri-jason/

  5. I follow you now! Please return the favour and follow me! Great blog