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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Furniture Finds...

This little chair my daughter fell in love with .
It has four legs and it swivels and rocks. Really comfortable too!
Has no tears or stains!
I took the photo and didn't realize I took it at an angle and you can only see one leg!

End table, It is large! In really nice condition.

This is another my daughter spoted before me! At 10 years old she is already a bargain hunter , retro shopper!!

But wait! It was a cash and cary sale.... so they could not put it on a hold for when my hubby got off work! I took a taxi to get there! Well the store phoned a guy for me that does deliveries. He charged us $10 plus gave us a ride home! What a very kind person... Thank you! It would have cost me more to take the taxi home plus we would have had to left our stuff behind.


  1. Lovely furniture, i love the chair looks like a cosy up under a blanket chair ;-)) dee x

  2. Thank you Dee! We had fun looking at all the furniture.... wish I could have taken more home...hehe...