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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Here are some of my antique furniture and retro furniture.
This is my 100 year old china cupboard... The two china cupboards where passed down in our family and will be my daughter's some day.

Yes , I know the stuff on top needs to be de-cluttered, plus some of the items on top just does not suit the furniture or home.....

My other china cupboard.

I have two of these hutches.... They are not identical, the other one is bigger and has a different design.
 I will post the other one soon.

My one table I paid $25 dollars for!!! The chairs my mom and dad gave me...
I plan on refinishing them. I will post photos of the other table soon.

This is my husbands dresser he gave me , the top drawer is not a drawer, it flips up and down for writing....
I have art supplies in this dresser.


  1. Wow great deal on the Formica table!!

    And I recently bought similar starburst vases like the one in your prior post. =D I see, thanks to your post, that they come in two different shapes, as mine are shaped more like the ones that used to have the plastic netting over them, with candles inside (waaaay before your time lol they used to be common).

  2. Thank you! I so very much love this vase. I am so very excited to see yours! It is so nice to find other people with the same interests I started my blog, to find someone to talk about my love for these sweets, and I want to restore my home too so I would love ideas! I have enjoyed collecting unique jewlery and clothing since I was a very young girl. Boy did I get teased at school! lol...

  3. Hello, Thank You for stopping by our blog. We love that table and what a great deal! We are hoping to find a table just like this. We have been searching for awhile now, hopefully we find something soon!

    ~Laura and Michele

  4. Hi Laura and Michele! Thank you so very much for stopping by my blog! I hope you will find a table too! I have seen a few in a bigger city about an hour from me. I wish I was not so far away from everyone! I would love to have someone in my area to go shopping with that shares my love for vintage!

  5. I love the wooden furniture! It truly makes a home look so warm and welcoming.

  6. Thank you so very much Katie Jean! I will post some room photos soon. I am hoping to do some painting in our living room. I am just having a hard time choosing paint colors...

  7. Hi thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. I love your furniture but my favourite has to to be the first one your 100 year old cabinet, that is just stunning ;-)) dee x